Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Wayzata

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes, and the crystal clear waters of Minnesota’s Lake Minnetonka make it one of the most beautiful lakes around. Living on the water has its definite advantages. Watching the summer sunsets over the sparkling waters, ice fishing on its frozen winter surface, and frolicking in one of the freshest lakes in the state keep Wayzata residents blissfully satisfied year-round.

While most people work all year for their one coveted annual lakeside vacation, living in Wayzata gives locals that resort life atmosphere all year long. The lake holds a multitude of water recreational activities, such as boating, swimming, fishing, and paddleboarding in the summer. In the winter, people ice fish and even play golf on the lake’s frozen expanse in the Chilly Open. There are also many activities and opportunities for fun and cultural enrichment in town that locals experience 365 days a year.

Things about Wayzata you might want to know

In its early years, Wayzata was the area’s transportation hub, with trains and steamboats often bringing visitors to the town and surrounding locales. Wayzata became the “gateway to Lake Minnetonka,” which was recognized early on for its beauty and serenity. Today, the Wayzata Great Northern Train Depot is the city’s last working train station. It commemorates the community’s rich history as a museum and monument.

Wayzata is a city with many amenities, but it maintains a small-town feel. The downtown area is a vibrant district with art centers, boutique shopping, and fine dining. Yet, the neighborhood is peaceful and gorgeous, with stunning views of the surrounding wooded areas and the beautiful lake. Neighbors in this community are friendly and welcoming.

Cost of living

As of May 2023, the cost of living in Wayzata is 2% lower than the national average. Of all the states in the country, Minnesota has the 17th lowest state taxes. Moreover, the state has no sales tax on several retail items, such as clothing.

Residents of Wayzata pay the same rate for utilities as the rest of the country, while food and groceries are 5% lower than the national average. Housing, however, is 81% higher than the national mean, but monthly rent costs are about $200 less than the country’s average.

To put this in perspective, the median household income in Wayzata is $88,431, which is 21% higher than the state and almost $8,000 more than the national average. Unemployment rates are only 3%, one of the lowest nationally, and the upward mobility rate is 41.27%.

When all the data is compiled, living in Wayzata seems too good to be true. Beautiful scenery, quiet residential areas, a vital downtown, and gorgeous homes in a location with low taxes and low unemployment rates make moving to Wayzata an idyllic venture. When you are ready to make the move, it is crucial to find an experienced real estate agent to guide you with their expertise.

Things to do in Wayzata

When you combine lake living with a rich community history and a bustling downtown center, opportunities for recreation and relaxation become abundant. While simply sitting in a lawn chair and watching the sunlight dance on the water is enough to fulfill many people, there is a wealth of other activities to enjoy.

Wayzata is a treasure trove of opportunities. One of its iconic attractions is the Wayzata Train Depot Museum. The city’s last working train station, the Wayzata Train Depot, was built in 1906 and still contains many of the original furnishings. Surrounded by beautiful gardens, this is a favorite gathering place for many locals.

Additionally, Wayzata’s active chamber of commerce plans several outdoor events that bring residents together throughout the year. James J. Hill Daysthe Wayzata Art Experience, and the Chilly Open are unique experiences that bring vendors, creatives, and fun-loving folks to the heart of downtown for music, food, and community. With celebrations set throughout the year, another event is always right around the corner. The Chilly Open, a beloved golf tournament held on frozen Lake Minnetonka, draws a crowd even in the depths of winter!


There are several fine dining options for Wayzata residents.  McCormicK’s Pub is a traditional Irish pub that serves great American-esque bar food, irish dishes, and has a ton of beers on tap. The rousing atmosphere of this spot is unmatched. If you’re looking for a more elevated dinner, Josefina is a chic and energetic Italian restaurant that’s perfect for everything from casual date nights to special occasions.

6Smith is a lakefront eatery with a spectacular view of the marina and lake. Delectable American cuisine and craft cocktails can be enjoyed in the contemporary dining area or on the outdoor patio. COV Wayzata is another top-notch restaurant with stunning lakeside views. The menu features savory seafood and fresh seasonal items. Live music is provided on the patio in the summer.


While many residents get around Wayzata by car, there are other options available. Public transit is provided by Plymouth Public Transit, which is part of the Plymouth Metrolink system. Residents often use this mode of transportation to get to Minneapolis, which takes 50 minutes but costs only one to three dollars.

Wayzata also has Uber, taxis, and Lyft for those wanting a less crowded way to move from place to place. If it is an elegant mode of transit you desire, there are several limousine services in the area. In addition, there are bike routes for locals who prefer to mix exercise with their commutes.

Are you ready to move?

If you are ready to move to a community that provides clean living, spectacular outdoor opportunities, and lake living, Wayzata is your destination. This neighborhood is a family-friendly area with plenty of job opportunities and amenities. Living on the lake is just an added bonus.

Wayzata’s school system is exceptional, and there are parks and art centers for families. In addition, its exceptional healthcare facilities make it a highly desirable community in which to live.

Partner with an expert

Moving to a new city or state can be exciting. However, there are so many things to consider in making the move that it can be overwhelming. If you are ready to start your search for Wayzata real estate, the caring experts at Ulrich Real Estate Group are ready to help you make the smooth transition to your new home.

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